1349 Blossom Hill Rd.
San Jose, CA 95118
    Phone # 1-408-269-8062

A short history of the Burger Pit and Al Berger:

Started on March 13, 1953 Burger Bar at First & Goodyear was a downtown spot to eat for college students. Between 1953 and 1956 Al Berger opened up two more restaurants. Finally in 1956 the first Burger Pit was built in Cupertino. This was followed by more openings all over the San Jose area.

When 1986 rolled in many of the locations were sold to Burger King Corporation. When this happened Al Berger decided to keep the main locations at Blossom Hill and Kooser, and Forest Ave at Valley Fair. Finally another closure due to Valley Fair Mall's expanding parking lot happened, and one Burger Pit was left.

Shortly after the Valley Fair closing, Al Berger's death left his son to continue the location at Blossom Hill and Kooser Road. Paul Berger, with the same motto as his father, operates the location there. That Motto has and always will be "Good food at reasonable prices."

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